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    AKI mission is to identify threats detrimental to the security of Kosovo. A threat to the security of Kosovo shall in any event be considered a threat against the territorial integrity, integrity of the institutions, the constitutional order, the economic stability and development, as well as threats against global security detrimental to Kosovo.

    We accomplish this Mission, through collecting and analyzing information about:

    - Incitement, aiding and abetting or advocating terrorism
    - Espionage against Kosovo or detrimental to the security of Kosovo
    - Sabotage directed against Kosovo's vital infrastructure
    - Organized crime against Kosovo or detrimental to the security of Kosovo in any other way, including money laundering
    - Inciting the disaffection in security structures
    - Trafficking of illegal substances, weapons or human beings
    - Illegal manufacturing or transport of mass destruction weapons, or their components
    - Illegal trafficking of products and technologies under International Control
    - Activities that contravene international humanitarian law
    - Acts of organized violence or intimidation against ethnic or religious groups in Kosovo, and
    - Matters related to severe threats to public health or safety

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