Inspector General of AKI
  • Portfolio

    Responsibility of the Inspector General.

    The Inspector General shall report directly to the Prime Minister and to Parliamentary Oversight Committee of AKI

    The Inspector General shall conduct inspections of AKI activities.

    It is the responsibility of the Inspector General to assist the Director in being kept fully and currently informed about potential problems in the activities of the AKI, with a goal of helping promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness, and avoiding any violation of law.

    The responsibility of the Inspector General includes financial audits of AKI activities. The results of these audits will be made available to the Prime Minister in addition to the AKI Director

    The Inspector General is responsible to support inquiries of the Ombudsperson

    The Inspector General is responsible for providing an internal control function with the AKI by reviewing the activities of AKI, initiating inspections, audits and investigations, investigating complaints regarding the AKI activities or made by persons of Kosovo.

    The Inspector General recommends to the AKI Director corrective actions and monitors the progress of any corrective actions ordered by the AKI Director


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