• Kosovo Intelligence Agency announces that vacancy announcement for AKI employees, is partially canceled respectively for Managerial/Lidership positions, as published on 01.03.2018 – reference number AKI 1/2018.

    The deadline for accepting applications for other positions published in the above mentioned vacancy announcement is extended: Professional (Analyst, Intelligence research officer, cyber security experts) and Administrative/ technical positions. The application procedure is extended for ten (10) additional days starting from the date of notification, respectively 27 April 2018 till 06 May 2018.

    For further detailed information about the vacancy announcement please refer to AKI official webpage

    For previous applicants for positions 2 and 3 it is not required to reapply but may complete applications documents respectively can submit additional documents as required by the vacancy announcement, if they were not attached when applying.


    Based on article 5 paragraph 7, item (VI) and article 12, Law on Kosovo Intelligence Agency (AKI), Director of AKI publicly invites all interested to apply for:

    For AKI employees

    Reference Number: AKI 1/2018
    Salary Level: Classified
    Working Hours: Full Time
    Vacant Positions: 16
    Contract Duration: Unlimited
    Work Place: AKI (Headquarter and Region)

    Job Vacancy announced for:

    1. Managerial/ Leadership Candidates must have university degree and work experience in management according to internal rules.

    2. Professional (Analyst, intelligence –research officer, Cyber security experts) Candidates must have university degree and work experience according to internal rules refereeing to the positions. Priority will be given to candidates with knowledge or experience in specific fields as above and knowledge of foreign languages particularly specific languages.

    3. Administrative/technical
    Candidates must have secondary education, depending from the position university degree and work experience may be required.

    Other specific criteria and qualifications for each position are classified and set by internal rules.

    The candidates must meet the terms and conditions for employment with AKI as below:
    • Should be nationals of Republic of Kosovo;
    • Should be over 18 years old;
    • Should have required educational and professional qualifications as set by internal rules;
    • Should make medical examinations as required for the position;
    • Be exempt from military service;
    • To be able to meet security requirements of the applicable legislation on AKI.

    Duration of Employment:
    The employment is unlimited after the successful probationary period based on Law on AKI, internal rules and procedures.

    Application Procedure:
    All interested candidates should submit their CV and mentioned the positions they are applying for. Should attach to CV the following documents: Motivation Letter, proof for completion of studies issued by Education Institutions, proof about work experience, copies of ID or Passport, diplomas and certificates of trainings or other forms of vocational trainings, recommendation letters, two last reports of continuous work performance evaluation , one photo 5x5 ( not older than 30 days), certificate issued by the court proving that the candidate was not sentenced and is not subject of any criminal proceedings.

    Application should be done e-mail means by sending the documents for application on e-mail address:

    Should you have any question you can contact us at: 045 383 520.

    The internal selection process is classified and consists several phases of selection and testing, where candidates may be subject to specific terms and conditions for AKI employee, including the security clearance procedure as well.

    Deadline for application:

    The application procedure is extended for ten (10) additional days starting from the date of notification, respectively 27 April 2018 till 06 May 2018.
    Submitted applications after the deadline as above will not be accepted and deficient applications shall be refused.
    Only selected candidates for further phases shall be contacted.
    Kosovo Intelligence Agency provides equal opportunities to all Republic of Kosovo nationals and welcome applications from all interested persons.
    Your application shall be discreet, in cases of on-line application you should be careful not to apply from an IP address which can easily identify your permanent place of residence.

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